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We are very happy to welcome you and your dear friends and relatives

to Govinda's Christmas feast.

It is served: 15 different dishes: 4 types of stews, soup, snacks, bread, salad, coconut sauce,

fruit chutney,

papadam, mango lassi, cakes, Indian sweets and tea.  ​


Our friends from Hungary (Istvan and Arundhati dd) come to visit and help with the cooking,

they were responsible for Govindas during 9 years. ​

Children under 8 eat for free

When pre-booking, the total price is only SEK 260. 15th of December 2022.

Pre-booking means that you register via phone or email and you pay half of the cost (SEK 130)

at the time of booking. By this you have reserved your place.

Price without pre-booking is SEK 320 ​


Pre-booking What's app: Arundhati: 076 2828102



Bank details: ISKCON Gothenburg, Govindas Plusgiro account Nordea 15 95 47-9 ​


1. Name

2. Write if you want to eat vegan or vegetarian

3. Please write what time you want to come, between 12 and19.

4. If you want to come in a group, please provide the name of the group and

we can arrange the places accordingly. ​

                 Christmas feast
                  18th of December

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